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Lifeguard (Beach)

Career Overview

A lifeguards job is to protect, educate, and potentially save people who are at a beach or pool. Peter, the lifeguard featured in the video, works as a lifeguard on Pensacola Beach, Florida.


Qualifications to be a lifeguard may vary from one location to another. It will likely require passing a physical test and a lifeguard course that leads to certification (possibly through the Red Cross).

Salary Expectations

Low End:
High End:
$19,000 /yr
$21,000 /yr
$23,000 /yr

Recommended Courses

  • English - as much as possible!
  • Communication
  • First Aid
  • Swimming
Future Outlook

The job outlook for this position looks good over the next 10 years, keeping in mind that geographical differences definitely exist. Opportunities may be seasonal.

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Work Environment

A lifeguard can work at any pool or beach. This isn't likely to be a full-time, year-round job (although it could be with an indoor pool). In beach locations, this work will more likely be seasonal.


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