Cabinet Makers

Career Overview

A person whose job is to build cabinets, bench, carpentry, houses, and other structures


While woodworking lacks formal educational requirements, most employers will look for candidates with at least a high school diploma. Modern woodworking equipment is complex, and a degree from a vocational or trade school can show potential employers that you're both qualified and serious about the trade. Common courses in a 1- or 2-year program that can prepare you to become a cabinet maker include furniture design and construction, carving, elements of design, cabinet making and finishing.

Salary Expectations

Low End:
High End:
$24,000 /yr
$39,000 /yr
$54,000 /yr

Recommended Courses

  • Math
  • Communication
  • Trade-related courses
Work Environment

The standard work week for cabinetmakers is 40 hours (8 hours a day, 5 days a week). As with many careers in construction, there are peak periods that will require you to work overtime. The number of additional hours you work each week depends on the construction sector and region you work in, and will vary from one job to the next. As a Cabinetmaker you will work indoors, either alone, in teams or with helpers. The job can be physically demanding and often involves working with high-speed woodworking machinery.

Future Outlook

The number of cabinet makers should increase only slightly over the next few years.

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