Career Overview

Photographers use cameras, lighting equipment, and photo-editing software to take and improve pictures of people, landscapes, or events. They may need to advertise and market their own services in order to find customers.


A high school diploma or equivalent may be necessary to obtain these positions. A four-year bachelor's degree in photography, visual arts, or a related field might make one more employable.

Salary Expectations

Low End:
High End:
$20,000 /yr
$32,000 /yr
$76,000 /yr

Recommended Courses

  • Art
  • Business
  • English - as much as possible!
  • Communication
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Videography
Work Environment

Some photographers work in studios, while others may need to travel to take their pictures. Most photographers are self-employed, and many only work part-time.

Future Outlook

There will likely be strong competition for these positions. Opportunities may differ based on geographical location.

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