Career Details


Career Overview

Actors portray characters in television, movie, commercial, and theater productions.


A high school diploma, or equivalent, is likely necessary to obtain these positions. A four-year bachelor's degree in theater or a related field might make one more employable. Any training in acting, singing, and dancing will also make an individual more valuable.

Salary Expectations

Low End:
High End:
$18,000 /yr
$36,000 /yr
$200,000 /yr

Recommended Courses

  • Psychology
  • Dance
  • Art
  • Performing Arts
  • English - as much as possible!
  • Take as many college-prep courses as possible!
  • Foreign Languages
Future Outlook

There will likely be strong competition for these positions. Opportunities may differ based on geographical location.

Jobs: Check Available Jobs!

Work Environment

Actors typically work for theaters, production studios, touring companies, and theme parks. Many of these positions only last a limited amount of time, so many actors must have an additional job. Many actors only work part-time.

[CAN] Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship
[CAN] Ontario Graduate Scholarship
[USA] Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Young Scholars Program
[USA] Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship
[USA] AFSA Scholarship Contest
[USA] ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Educational Assistance Program
[USA] AQHA Swayze Woodruff Memorial Mid-South Scholarship
[USA] Army ROTC Green to Gold Scholarship Program
[USA] ARRL Charles Clarke Cordle Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Bernie Varnadore Scholarship Program
[USA] CollegeCounts Scholarship Program
[USA] Hagan Scholarship Foundation
[USA] JSU Alabama Faculty Women's Club of Jacksonville Scholarship
[USA] JSU Alabama Governor Frank Dixon Memorial Scholarship
[USA] JSU Alabama Hallman Scholarship
[USA] JSU Alabama Major John Pelham Memorial Scholarship
[USA] JSU Alabama Cole (Leone) Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Linly Heflin Scholarship
[USA] Mercedes-Benz US International Scholarships
[USA+CAN] MetLife Foundation Scholarship
[USA] NIADA Foundation Regional Scholarships
[USA] Presbyterian Student Opportunity Scholarship
[USA] Tall Clubs International Student Scholarships
[USA] David Womack Memorial Alabama LGBT Scholarship
[USA] Alabama Golf Association Women's Scholarship
[USA] Alabama Scholarships for Dependents of Blind Parents
[USA] Anniston Community Education Foundation Scholarship
[USA] Grocery Manufacturers Representatives Scholarship
[USA] Korean American Scholarship Foundation-Southern Regional Chapter
[USA] Stuck At Prom Scholarship Contest
[USA] Toyota Financial Services: Make Life Easier Scholarship
[USA] Toyota TeenDrive365 Video Challenge
[USA] Alaska Performance Scholarship
[USA+CAN] AQHA Region 1 Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship
[USA] BBB Foundation Students of Integrity Scholarship - Northwest
[USA] Cancer Unwrapped USA Writing Contest
[USA] Celebrate The West High School Art Competition
[USA] Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange
[USA] Korean American Scholarship Foundation - Western Regional Chapter
[USA] Pride Foundation Scholarships
[USA] APIASF/United Health Foundation Scholarship
[USA] AQHA Arizona Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship
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[USA] Italian Catholic Federation First Year Scholarship
[USA] Kiwanis Four-Year College Scholarship
[USA] Miss Arizona Scholarship Competition
[USA] AR Governor's Commission on People with Disabilities - Scholarship
[USA] Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund
[USA] Carolyn Wilson Dialysis Patient Scholarship
[USA] Cornerstone Scholarship Charitable Trust
[USA] Korean American Scholarship Foundation-Southwestern Regional Chapter
[USA] Helen Laughlin AM Mode Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Thea Foundation Scholarships
[USA] AAUW's Re-Entry Scholarship
[USA] AEG Oakland Community Foundation Scholarship
[USA] AL Diablo Valley Community College Scholarship
[USA] AL Diablo Valley High School Scholarship
[USA] AL Diablo Valley Foster Youth Scholarship
[USA] AL Diablo Valley Spotlight on You Scholarship
[USA] Angels Wings Thai Scholarship
[USA] Annie Ibok Scholarship
[USA] Antelope Valley Freethinkers High School Senior Essay Scholarship
[USA] Better Brothers LA Book Scholarship
[USA] WSCGA Foundation Scholarships
[USA] Boys and Girls Club of Ventura Emma Nylen Scholarship Program
[USA] Brad Fowler Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Brawerman Fellowship
[USA] Cal Grant A and B Competitive Grant Program
[USA] California Assn. of Collectors Educational Scholarship Foundation
[USA] California Law Enforcement Personnel Dependents Grant Program (LEPD)
[USA] California Strawberry Growers' Fund Scholarships
[USA] Cancer for College Scholarships
[USA] Boundless Opportunity Scholarship
[USA] Cheryl D. Conkling Memorial Scholarships
[USA] Coloradans for Nebraska Scholarship
[USA] Daniels Scholarship Progam
[USA] Denver Alumnae Chapter Scholarship
[USA] Education First Scholarship
[USA] Foster Care Alumni of America Scholarship
[USA] Greenhouse Scholars Scholarship
[USA] LEAD Foundation Dottie-Walker Scholarship
[USA] NSHSS Andeavor Youth Leadership Awards
[USA] Partner Colorado Foundation Scholarships
[USA+CAN] Albanian Community Scholarship
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[USA] Korean American Scholarship Foundation - Northeastern Regional Chapter
[USA] Live Out Loud Scholarship Program
[USA] Richard E. Taber Citizenship Award
[USA] B. Bradford Barnes Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Delaware Educational Benefits for Children of Deceased Veterans and Others
[USA] Delaware Open Cross Country Championship Scholarships
[USA] Diamond State Scholarships
[USA] DSU Inspire Scholarship
[USA] Korean American Scholarship Foundation-Eastern Regional Chapter
[USA] Star-Spangled Banner Flag House Essay Contest
[USA] Roothbert Fund Scholarships
[USA] VMDAEC Educational Foundation Scholarship
[USA] Fresh Start Scholarship
[USA] AQHA Joan Cain Florida Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship
[USA] CBC Spouses Education Scholarship
[USA] Central Florida Fair Youth College Scholarship
[USA] College Fund of Pinellas County Grant
[USA] FCHCC Achieving the Dream Scholarship
[USA] Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program
[USA] Friends of 440 Scholarship Fund, Inc.
[USA] 5 Strong Scholarship
[USA] Charles Harbin III Memorial Scholarship
[USA] COAG Scholarship
[USA] Druid Hills Golf Club Foundations Wayne Reynolds Scholarship
[USA] Georgia Mining Foundation Scholarship Program
[USA] Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant
[USA] Hearthstone Housing Foundation Scholarship Fund
[USA] InspirASIAN (formerly APCA) Scholarship Program
[USA] HLTA: Citizen-Scholar Award
[USA] HLTA: Member Scholarship
[USA] Hawai'i Community Foundation Scholarships
[USA] Hawaii Education Association (HEA) High School Student Scholarship
[USA] Jordan and Cara Odo Scholarship Foundation, Leadership Scholarship
[USA] Community Council of Idaho, Inc. Scholarship Fund: Hispanic Scholarship
[USA] Idaho Governor's Cup Scholarship
[USA] Idaho Opportunity Scholarship
[USA] Marsden Scholarship
[USA] AAUW Return to Learning Scholarships
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[USA] Come 2 Iowa (C2IA) Senior Scholarship
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[USA] Jewish Federation of St. Joseph Valley Undergraduate Scholarships
[USA] Alliant Energy Innovation Scholarship
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[USA] Catholic United Financial Post-High School Tuition Scholarship
[USA] Herbert Hoover Uncommon Student Award
[USA] ICSAC Iowa Tuition Grant Program
[USA] Iowa 4-H Foundation Scholarships
[USA] Iowa UMF College Scholarships
[USA] Iowa Vocational-Technical Tuition Grant
[USA] Korean American Scholarship Foundation-Midwestern Regional Chapter
[USA] 16th District PTA Scholarship
[USA] 16th District PTA Scholarship Special Needs Category
[USA] CLARK Scholars Scholarship
[USA] Emma E. Buckley Scholarship
[USA] Jane Allen Newman Scholarship
[USA] Jennifer Leigh Soper Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship
[USA] King-Barton Scholarship
[USA] Lewis Sexton Scholarship Fund
[USA] Logan Thomas Family Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Margaret Hall Alumnae Scholarship
[USA] Monica Combs Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Thomas B. Bright, Jr., Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Thomas D. Urmston Scholarship
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[USA] Korean American Scholarship Foundation-Northeastern Regional Chapter
[USA] Maine Veterans Spouse and Dependents Educational Benefits
[USA] Mainely Character Scholarship
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[USA] Howard P. Rawlings Educational Assistance (EA) Grant
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[USA] Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts
[USA] FMC Skaters Scholarship
[USA] Gilbert Matching Student Grant Program
[USA] Harvard University Scholarships
[USA] John and Abigail Adams Scholarship
[USA] AQHA Dr. Gerald O'Connor Michigan Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship
[USA] Arab-American Women's Business Council Scholarship
[USA] Ave Maria University Michigan Homeschooled Faith Scholarship
[USA] Detroit Promise Scholarship Program
[USA] GRCF Scholarships
[USA] Michigan Retailers Association Scholarships
[USA] Michigan Tuition Incentive Program
[USA] Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund
[USA] BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship - Minnesota and North Dakota
[USA] Catch a Break! Scholarship Program
[USA] Come 2 Iowa Senior Scholarship
[USA] Holly Scanlan Foundation Scholarship
[USA] Minnesota Academic Excellence Scholarship
[USA] Minnesota Association of Townships (MAT) Scholarship
[USA] Minnesota Child Care Grant
[USA] Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program
[USA] National Rice Month Scholarship - Video Contest
[USA] Tupelo Elvis Fan Club Scholarship
[USA] Greater St. Louis Mothers of Twins Club Mary Joan Wolf Memorial Scholarship
[USA] MAC Tennis Scholarship
[USA] Missouri Mayflower Society Scholarship
[USA] Missouri Public Service Survivor Grant Program
[USA] Bud Daniels Memorial Scholarship
[USA] John Korsbeck Memorial Scholarship
[USA] Montana Farmers Union Scholarships
[USA] Cancer for College Henry Streuli Scholarship
[USA] Cancer for College Pacific Northwest Scholarship
[USA] Mariah's Challenge
[USA] AQHA Christopher Lawrence Junker Nebraska Scholarship
[USA] AQHF Nebraska Quarter Horse Youth Scholarship
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[USA] Alaska Education Grant

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