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Who Wants to Build a Submarine?

A group of high school students in Australia are doing just that. They are designing and building a model submarine, partly for the fun of just doing it, and you have to admit that would be pretty cool. But they are also learning and practicing valuable skills that could lead to careers in engineering and technology later on.

The students from Queechy High School are working with the Re-Engineering Foundation of Australia and the Department of Defence as part of a larger team that is carrying out this project. The students get to use really cool equipment like 3D printers and CNC (computer numeric control) machines as part of the project and before it began they had to do their own research and talk to real engineers from the Australia Maritime College to get more information.

They also learn that while science is fun, the main part of scientific work is trial and error. That means that it’s okay to make mistakes, as long as you learn from them, and don’t make them again. Their research has been added to the work that other real-life scientists are doing and at the end of the day will contribute to a very real submarine for the Australian Navy. Along the way they have learned many new skills including modelling and how to use animation software, which will only help them be open to more engineering opportunities in the future.

Many of the students said that this chance to see how engineering actually designs and builds things makes them want to learn even more. How about you? Would you like to build a submarine? Or maybe you want to design new equipment or even the tallest building in the world. If the answer is yes, then you will need to improve your math and science scores.