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5 Soft Skills You Need to Succeed in Business

By Zakaria Abdulle

Soft skills are defined by Google as personal attributes that enable someone to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. Thinking of taking your career into the business world? These 5 soft skills will help make it happen.

Communication – Understanding your tone and style when speaking and developing important listening techniques will help communicate your ideas more effectively. Avoiding miscommunication can keep everyone on the same page.

Self-Motivation – Being self-motivated demonstrates reliability. Reliability demonstrates consistency. Consistency demonstrates commitment. A committed worker is the best worker. The go-getter attitude is vital if you decide on this path.

Accountability – When something goes wrong and you’re responsible, you can’t make excuses. Own up to your mistakes and don’t blame it on anyone else. This important skill builds trust amongst your co-workers and bosses.

Empathy – Knowing how to feel other people struggles can help you understand other’s motives. A group member has made a mistake and took responsibility for it? You should remember how it felt when the same happened to you.

Teamwork – This soft skill is a combination of all the soft skills noted above. A business is full of collaborative efforts, and teamwork includes communication, accountability, self-motivation, and empathy. Combining these soft skills will lead to a better organization and give you a better chance of reaching your goals.

While business is more than these soft skills, it is important we learn to interact with others to reach our goals.