Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations


Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations programs are designed to prepare students to work in the following settings as students so desire: Nursing Homes Home Health Agencies Hospitals Outpatient Areas such as Clinics, Doctors' Offices, Surgical Centers, Laboratories, Adult Living Facilities, Adult Day Care Centers, and Rehabilitation Centers Students are given the greatest flexibility possible to progress as they wish, and are able to, given their personal circumstances. Students are taught the clinical skills and academic requirements necessary to be eligible to take certification and licensure exams for their desired occupations. Self Improvement topics are offered to enhance students’ desirability to employers. Such topics include employment/re-employment skills, leadership skills, professional decorum, deportment and demeanor, as well as Electronic Health Recording Skills. Self Improvement topics provided are not under the purview of the Commission for Independent Education (CIE).


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