Computer Programmer

Career Overview

A computer programmer writes the codes (instructions) that allow computer systems and software to function efficiently.


A four-year bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field may be required in order to obtain this position. A higher degree (master's or doctorate) in a related field, which may take an additional two-five years to earn, would be more valuable.

Salary Expectations

Low End:
High End:
$45,000 /yr
$79,000 /yr
$130,000 /yr

Recommended Courses

  • Math - as much as possible!
  • Electronics
  • Computer Science
  • English - as much as possible!
  • Communication
Work Environment

Computer programmers typically work for organizations involved in computer system design, software, finance, insurance, or manufacturing.

Future Outlook

There will likely be a lot of competition for these positions because of the way many companies hire people in other parts of the world (where wages are lower) to complete this work.

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